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Senior Photo's

Tips to get you ready for your session!

Remember that these portraits will be timeless images that you and your family will cherish. These tips will help to ensure you get the best possible results from your photos.

One to Two weeks before your Session

Haircuts should be done at least one week before. We all know we hate our hair the first couple of days after a new haircut!

Haircolor should also be done at least one week prior. This will ensure that your skin is not stained from color. It also allows enough time for color to settle down and soften up. If you have it done much before two weeks, depending on how far you color is from your natural color, you could have lines from grow out.

Clothing – Consider something fun the shows your personality, something nice that mom would be proud to hang on the wall or send in annouoncements, maybe even something dressy (prom dress for an example) If your session is towards the end of the year, maybe even a cap and gown. Shirts with Logos can be distracting. Solid colors are great! Long sleeves are great so the skin showing will be drawing to your face (but some short sleeves are fine too). Layers work well for versatility. Bring a tank top to make changes quick and easy. Think you're dressing every inch of your body. Shoes will be in pictures, finger nails will show, and toe nails if you are wearing sandles. Start putting it all together, or shopping for items you need.

Tanning/Sunburn – AVOID SUNBURN! You don't want to be red during this milestone session, and peeling skin does not photograph well!! Also avoid too much spray tanning. You don't want to be orange either! If you are if you are feeling pale and your tan has faded, you might consider tanning, but don't over do it so you look fake-n-baked. Wear outfits that won't show your tan lines. Tan lines can be retouched but there will be a charge for tan line removal. (If you happen to get a burn, a thing I was taught was to sponge the body in vinegar and take an old shower. Supposidly it stops the burning process. May be an old wives tale, but seems like it works well in our house.)

Night before your Session


Nails should be free of chips, as this will stand out in your photos. Polish should either be completely removed, or a new fresh coat applied.

Iron all clothing and place on hangers.

Get all your clothes, accessories and props together and ready to go. Remember plastic ziplocs work well for jewelry and accessories so you can hang them with the corresponding outfits.



Day of your Session

Start in the morning, and while getting ready, Drink water throughout the day to STAY HYDRATED

Shaving- Guys don't for get to shave that face (a few hours before your session) don't shave 5 minutes before the session, as your skin may be red and blotchy.Ladies check your legs and especially your underarms if you will be wearing a tank top, as some poses may have your arms up.

Style your hair! You will have these images for years, later on you will appreciate that you took a bit of time to prepare for your session. On this day, styling products, flat irons and curling irons will be your best friends.

Make up should represent you! Avoid super heavy black around the eyes.

Waterproof Mascara, so if your eyes for whatever reason happen to water, you won't have black streaks down your face.

Avoid Sparkles in your make up, as it can sometime throw an odd reflection that will be seen in the photos.

Wear a lip color just a shade darker than your natural lips. This will make sure they stand out. Lip gloss is nice, so is mascara!

Remember shoes, socks for each outfit. Ladies remember bras and panties that work well under each outfit!

Plan on a hat during your session? Save the HATS for the end, you don't want hat hair! Also avoid wearing SUN GLASSES before your session, as you may end up with red marks on nose.

Remember to EAT ahead of time, so you don't tire out or get cranky!

During your Session

Have FUN and let YOU shine through!



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