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Senior Photos

What to wear

Be yourself. Wear clothes and accessories that represent you and your style. Changes in hairstyle are okay, but make sure they are quick and easy, as it could cut into your  senior portrait session time. If you color your hair, it is a good idea to have it done about a week before your session. Bring your hair brush and products with you for touch ups. I can assist with hair, to make sure it works in the photo, as I am a licensed cosmetologist, but my focus is taking your photo, not styling your hair. Ladies, bring bras that work well under your outfits. Nude color under light outfits and black under dark outfits works well. Believe it or not, a white bra for some reason always shows through under a black shirt. Even better, a tank or camisole over your bra. Click here for Session tips and Checklist (includes Hair, Makeup, Nails tips). 

Jewelry and Accessories

The attention should be on you, so don't let it distract from YOU. It is strongly recommended to put different jewelry and accessories in zip-lock baggies and place them with corresponding outfits. Keep in mind, bold pieces are great if they represent your style, but too busy or too much shine could be what is capturing all the attention!

Props and Places

Most importantly, we want to capture you in your environment - where you feel comfortable, where you spend most of your time, where you like to be, where you LIVE your life! Props...YES bring them along! Your props help tell your story, letting us know who you are through your senior photographs. Some popular choices are: a car, hobbies, activities (instruments), sports equipment (football, volleyball, soccer or basket balls, helmets, mitts and bats), sports attire (letterman’s jackets, dance leo and shoes, uniforms). These are a few suggestions, but not limited to these items.

Friends and Parents

Friends and parents are welcome. Depending on you, they can be a huge help, or a big hindrance. If you feel a parent or friend will be a distraction, you can come by yourself. You are welcome to have one additional person for a couple of shots (girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend or parent). This session is meant to focus on the Senior pics, therefore this session is not designed to include a family session. If someone else will be in your photos, be sure to coordinate your outfits.


PETS... we love them (most of them anyhow) A pet is usually a big part of your life. If they are good with people, we'd love to have them along. Bring your dog’s favorite treats, as it helps to get attention. It is best to have someone come in with you to watch your pet before your session and then take them home when you are done with them or bring a portable kennel for them when you’re not with them.


Don't worry about blemishes they will be retouched. Basic retouching is done at no additional charge. Extensive retouching will be charged accordingly.

Scars / Birthmarks, Braces, Glasses and Tattoos

We will not automatically retouch scars, birthmarks or moles, nor do we typically ask if you want them retouched, but they can be retouched or softened on the portraits you order at no extra charge. Just let us know! Got braces? Don’t let that stop you from smiling! We can remove them. Glasses? Most glasses will glare. You may be able to borrow an empty set of frames for your photo session from your optometrist. Braces and glare from glasses can be retouched off an image for a retouching fee. Tattoos? We can let them show, cover them up. Knowing in advance will save from touch up fees if you don't want them showing.

Weather and Outdoor Portraits

So we live in the Northwest, we know it likes to rain and we can’t change it! We may have to reschedule. Do you see clouds? Don’t fear; they are a photographer’s best friend! No hard shadows or squinting from the bright sunlight. Rain falling can be an issue. We will call you if we feel your session may need to be rescheduled. If you are up for some fun in the rain, we can keep your session and start with some areas with a little cover and then move into rain boots and umbrellas!

Still have more questions? Check our FAQ here!  

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